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This is an educational site. With all the talk in the media from prominent figures, celebrites, and pundits media about the possible impeachment of the President, this site aims to educate the general public on what the impeachment of the President means.

We do predict that Donald Trump will be impeached before the end of his term and that is the editorial bias of this web site, plainly stated. However, it is a prediction based on the current poltical climate, the past actions of Donald Trump, and the history of impeachment of US presidents. It is not intended to be a personal attack on Donald Trump, his staff, or his supporters.

We support freedom of speach and encourage people to express their opinions on this topic. However, we in no way endorse malicious or hateful comments or attacks on Donald Trump, his staff, or supporters. Comments of a malicious, hateful, or criminal nature are not weclome here and will be removed from our discussion boards.

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