Head of CIA, Mike Pompeo, Lied On His Disclosure Forms. He’s In Business With China.

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The Head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, lied on his disclosure forms by leaving off the fact he is in business with a state-owned Chinese petroleum company. Now that he’s up for Secretary of State, Pompeo will need some Democratic votes since Sen Rand Paul is a “no” and Sen McCain is out for medical reasons. Pompeo’s Chinese business partners are busy lobbying our federal Government right now, in fact:

CIA Director Mike Pompeo did not disclose last year that he owned a business linked to a Chinese government-owned company, McClatchy reported.

Pompeo — who was recently nominated by Trump to be secretary of State — failed to disclose his business’ ties to a Chinese government oil and gas company in the questionnaire he was required to fill out to be confirmed as CIA director by the Senate.

That omission could be an issue for him during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday to be secretary of State.

Senators did not bring up his links to the Chinese government during his confirmation to be CIA director last year.He was confirmed by a 66-32 vote, with 14 Democrats voting in favor of his confirmation



Pompeo’s confirmation hearing was already going to be tough, but on Wednesday evening, McClatchy DC reported that Pompeo did not disclose his ties to a Chinese state petroleum company in his background form to head the CIA. Juan Pachon, a spokesman for Sen. Robert Menendez (N.J.), the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, told McClatchy that committee staff are aware that Pompeo had ties to Sinopec, an oil and gas giant whose majority owner is state-owned China Petrochemical Corporation. “We expect Director Pompeo to be able to explain exactly what financial entanglement he had with the Chinese government and why he failed to disclose it,” Pachon said.

Pompeo was president of oilfield equipment maker Sentry International from 2006 until his election to the House in 2010, and in 2006, he registered SJ Petro Pump Investment LLC, McClatchy reports. SJ Petro, or SJ Petroleum Machinery Co., is a subsidiary of Sinopec, which agreed to help develop a $43 billion natural gas project in Alaska last November and is currently lobbying the U.S. government. Pompeo’s “former business partners (Sinopec) are spending more than $30,000 a month lobbying the Trump administration,” said Harrell Kirstein at American Bridge 21st Century, which opposes Pompeo’s nomination, “and probably drooling over the idea of installing their pal as secretary of state.”


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John M.Sheehan
John M.Sheehan

If it crawls on its belly and panders to the yellow-bellied sh*t gibbon inflated ego it must merit a cabinet (of horrors) position…

Zoltan Breller
Zoltan Breller

Must be a temporary lapse of memory… :o)