Republicans lawmakers continue to give Donald Effing Trump the benefit of the doubt, despite no past instance in which the obsessive, narcissistic lunatic has earned such a thing. Here's Republican Sen. Bob Corker, doing his best impression of a man standing in front of a burning fireworks factory, telling everyone else there's nothing to see here.

Mind you, Trump has gone out of his way to insult Sessions and make it perfectly clear he has no confidence in the now-insufficiently loyal toady, firing him has evidently been the subject of ongoing White House discussions, and the White House has been floating names like Rudy Giuliani or Ted Cruz to be his replacement. But rest assured Sen. Bob Corker has spoken to Donald Trump's unfailingly trustworthy team and they say there is no truth to any of this nonsense. Sen. Bob Corker believes them, because Sen. Bob Corker knows Donald Trump is an honorable man.

But there's more.

Corker didn't even bother to check in with Team Trump on this one, apparently. He just has that much confidence the current Republican White House, this White House, the one we are all living with on a daily basis, is not about to do an unfathomably stupid thing.

Sen. Bob Corker may be surprised.