In yet another massive tweetstorm (200 tweets!), law professor Seth Abramson has laid out in stunning detail the origins of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russian government — going back years, and all hinging on a multi-billion-dollar real estate deal: Trump Tower Moscow. It’s a deal that Putin has been teasing in front of Trump for years, getting him to salivate and bite, then pulling back, over and over, until The Donald is crazy in love with Vlad for the punishment he’s getting. You thought Trump was a narcissist? He’ll be a masochist for that kind of money.

Buckle up, folks, it’s going to be a long ride — but a very enlightening one.

I’m skipping #147, which conveys the breaking news of Trump’s letter on Comey’s firing. Back to our story:

An error here: Dmitri Peskov is Putin’s top lieutenant, not Trump’s.

I’m pretty sure that eventually we’ll get a fascinating book out of this … one tweet at a time.