Trump Approval Rating Drops to 38% after “Unhinged” Press Conference


Trump’s approval rating has been declining since he has been President. After yesterday’s “unhinged” press conference, Trump’s approval rating dropped a full 2 points to 38% in the Gallup Daily Poll. We watchthis poll closely at The Trump Impeachment, and this is the first time his approval rating has dropped below 40%.

As Rolling Stone points out in 18 WTF Moments From Trump’s Unhinged Press Conference, Trump said some pretty crazy stuff at his presser, and this seems to have had a direct impact on his approval rating. As you can see from the chart from the Gallup poll above, though Trump’s approval ratingwas in steady decline, it took a sharp turn downwards today. At the same time, his disapproval rating took a sharp turn upwards to 56%.

This is significant because dropping approval ratings have provento be a catalyst for Congress to begin impeachment actions. Impeaching a popular President is politically futile. Impeaching an unpopular one can be politically rewarding.

The impeachment of Nixon didn’t gain traction until his approval ratings tanked. With Trump’s ratings starting to accelerate downwards, the possibility of his impeachment becomes more likely on a daily basis.

Photo credit: Gallup

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