Senator Bernie Sanders just called out Trump on his ties to Russia, and asked what he was hiding in a TV interview that was shared to Twitter. 


Then I noticed something very interesting in the replies to Bernie’s tweet. There were some angry “Bernie” “supporters” begging Bernie not to focus on Russia. So I checked their bios:

Then that was his reply to me when I noticed he was a Jill Stein supporter: 

There it is, tagging George Soros. There are a TON of conspiracies posted about Soros by Russian bots. 

Then there was another “Bernie” “supporter” whose Twitter feed has retweets of Russia Today, the state propaganda network, and Pizzagate tweets, responded to Bernie Sanders: 

Just one of this user’s retweets against Hillary Clinton, featuring @TNGOP’s tweet, and fueling more pizzagate conspiracies. There were other users on that same Bernie Sanders tweet with more ties to pizzagate, Soros conspiracies, and anti-Democratic Party language. 

Judging from these tweets by “users” in response to Bernie Sanders, it does seem like the botnet is still in effect in trying to divide the Democratic Party, rile up anger towards Clinton by using Bernie Sanders, and carrying forth conspiracy theories. They’re definitely not REAL Bernie Sanders supporters, who mostly voted for Hillary Clinton, and in general are supportive of the Democratic Party.