If you have been waiting for a White House report on what Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin discussed during their private mini-summit during the G20 meetings, fear not. Trump has been giving his report to the nation in the usual manner: on Twitter.

Well, glad that’s been cleared up. Now we can “move forward.”

Sure. Any other constructive moving-forwardism in the works?

Of course. We will then be setting up a new company in the Cayman Islands to investigate all this nefarious money-laundering that's been going on.

From then it devolved into attacks on Democrats, Obama, and the "Fake" press.

Yes, you are reading that right. Trump is accepting Putin's denial that Putin helped Trump win the election—and he asked about it twice, just to show his seriousness—and is therefore setting up a joint project with Putin to secure America's "Cyber Security."

But he is simultaneously condemning of our own American press, going so far as to declare them "fake", because a prior news report said 17 American intelligence agencies concluded Russia and Putin launched a hacking effort intended to elevate Donald Trump over his election opponent when in fact only four of those agencies were ever involved in that investigation, and therefore only those four top intelligence agencies unanimously concluded that Russia and Putin were behind the hacking efforts intended to elevate Donald Trump over his election opponent.

If you've got something to say about that, America, say it. I'm pretty much out of words from this end.