Rep. Schiff said this just now on MSNBC with Chuck Todd. This is big news!

Schiff has seen something that he can’t share but he shared this nugget. He was insinuating collusion between Trump & Co and Putin/Russia but did not go as far as saying those words.

Here’s the actual quote: “"There is more than circumstantial evidence now...and is very much worthy of investigation." ”(emphasis mine)

Not sure, what will come out next but the information fight between WH/Nunes and Schiff/Dems is getting really heated. Watch this space. I’ll update as info develops.



Update: House Min. Leader Pelosi is calling for an independent investigation in light of what Nunes did today.

Here’s something that caught my attention when Nunes was answering a series of questions from Casey Hunt — he said  that while he expects CIA to comply with the info request on Friday he doesn’t think the FBI will.  You know who is in charge of the CIA  and who runs the FBI. Make your own conclusion.

One last note from someone who knows how Intellegence Community works:


It’s getting hot in here...