California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff has been one of the smartest and outspoken analysts of Trump’s corruption. As Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Schiff clearly knows more than he can reveal about the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, but what he has revealed has gotten under Trump’s skin. Today, Trump took to his favorite means of communication, indeed the only means capable of representing his attention span, to attempt to slime Schiff.

As usual, when Trump tries to take someone on, it’s Trump that ends up on the mat.

Trump isn’t smart enough to realize that such tweets not only make him look ever smaller, but they also reveal the depth of his panic. If anyone with functioning grey matter had any doubts about Trump’s complicity in the Russia collusion scandal, Trump’s own behavior would be all they’d need to convince them.

Trump also isn’t smart enough to realize that by further raising Schiff’s profile as an intrepid investigator and opposition leader, he has increased the odds that Schiff eventually will move up to higher profile political offices, such as the U.S. Senate.