The Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are not buying Mike Pence’s story that he didn’t know Michael Flynn was lobbying on behalf of the country of Turkey while he was a member of Trump’s transition team. Vice President Mike Pence was the head of Donald Trump’s transition team and most certainly should have known Flynn’s shady side work for a foreign government. In fact, all the way back in November, shortly after the election, Rep. Elijah Cummings specifically warned Mike Pence about Michael Flynn. This morning, they released the receipts showing the full letter they sent to Mike Pence and an acknowledgement from Trump’s transition team they’d received the letter. Check it out as House Democrats hand Mike Pence an anchor:

Oh, really? Here’s the receipt from Trump’s team which confirms they got the letter:

And here is a copy of the full, detailed three-page letter Rep. Cummings sent to the Trump transition outlining Flynn’s unacceptable ties to the Turkish government:

How long can Mike Pence continue with his denial? Either he was a competent lead of the transition team and knew of Flynn’s background and still worked to install him as Trumps National Security Advisor or Pence was clueless and incompetent and did not know. Either way, this is not looking good for Pence. Mother is going to be so disappointed.