As best I can tell, no President’s actions have ever so adversely affected trust in his administration, including Nixon during Watergate

Those words are from the 12th of 17 tweets by Jack Goldsmith yesterday.  Goldsmith is universally considered to be an outstanding legal mind.  He graduated from Washington and Lee University Summa cum Laude, picked up a second bachelor’s at Oxford, and got his law degree from Yale.  He also has an Masters from Oxford, and clerked for Judge J. Harvie Wilkerson on the Fourth Circuit and for Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.   He taught at the University of Chicago Law School before joining the administration of George W. Bush, where he first served in the Defense Department, and then as Assistant Attorney General supervising the Office of Legal Counsel, from which he resigned in 2004.  He now teaches at Harvard Law.

There is no doubt that Goldsmith is considered a conservative.

Thus when he put forth his powerful Twitter storm yesterday, many people took notice.

I reproduce the 17 tweets from that storm below.

I suggest that this is yet another indication of the readiness of an increasing number of people on the right politically willing to see this President out of office.