If you were to select one person as the poster girl of political comity in the wake of the ballpark shooting, surely that person would be … anyone other than Kellyanne Conway.

That’s so true, Kellyanne. I’m sure Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas Warren, Lying Ted, Little Marco, Low-Energy Jeb and Secret Muslim Kenyan Obama completely agree. Though Not-A-Hero McCain may be very slightly upset. Don’t worry. He’ll get over it.

But, on this day of bringing the nation together, so we can all rally behind the fact that very bad and conflicted people are leading a witch hunt while ignoring Crooked Hillary’s connections to Russia, it seems like a perfect opportunity to review how politics should be done. For unity.

Many more beautiful, kumbaya moments after the break ...

There are Trump’s friends in the media.

Trump’s fellow Republicans.

A bonus double.

Detailed views on his political opponents.

His ghost writer.

And American voters.

And there are 314 more personal insults. Just in the last two years of Trump’s Twitter account.

That doesn’t include Trump’s comments outside Twitter. Earlier comments on Twitter. Or anything having to do with either Rosie O’Donnell or Barack Obama’s birth certificate.