Donald Trump’s critics are so mean ‘they’re not even people,’ says Eric

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Rich Girard / Flickr

Eric Trump, who apparently listens to his father through a hatred-removing filter, has hurt fee-fees that people are being mean to daddy … or are they?

“I’ve never seen hatred like this,” Eric Trump said. “I mean, to me, they’re not even people.”

Eric, you are the son of the birther-in-chief, the mocker of disabled reporters, the pussy-grabber, the Muslim-banner, and you say you’ve never seen hatred like this? While, in the next breath, denying the very humanity of people who criticize your hatred-filled father?

Consider the parade of women Donald Trump has trashed in the crudest sexual terms. Consider his litany of insults to immigrants, especially Mexican ones. But hey, people-who-are-not-even-people pointed out that you have to be scum to profit off your son’s child cancer charity.

According to Qusay, “morals have flown out the window” thanks to opposition to his father, which … can he hear himself? Is he this stupid, is he in this much denial about his father, or is he that much like his father that all he cares about is smearing his enemies, not saying anything remotely believable?

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