Even Newt Gingrich Admits KremlinGate Is So Serious That "They’re Probably Going To Jail."

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Donald Trump is not the only Republican, unfortunately, with an itchy twitter finger. Here’s what former Speaker of the House and current conspiracy theorist Newt Gingrich had to say recently about KremlinGate.

Muelleris now clearly the ti[p of the deep state spear aimed at destroying or at a minimum undermining and crippling the Trump presidency.

That wasn’t the end of it, there’s more. This is what Gingrich said to Sean Hannity last night:

“I don’t think they’re going to get the president, but they’re going to get somebody, and they’re going to get him for something. And they’re probably going to go to jail.”

“This is like watching an old-fashioned Western movie. This is an Indian hunting party. They’re out looking for a couple scalps, and they’re not going to go home until they get some.”

This is the same Newt Gingrich, please remember that said the following when a Democratic president was the person of interest, and that president wasn’t suspected of colluding with a hostile foreign power.

“We have the spectacle in Washington today of the president frankly as defendant-in-chief. It would have been inconceivable for Washington or Franklin or Jefferson or Hamilton to have the person sworn to uphold the Constitution s the chief law-enforcement officer using every defense item he can find from every defense lawyer in town.” Newt Gingrich, May 1998

The “deep state” which is troubling, Newt, is the morass of lies, confusion, obfuscation and conspiracy which inhabits the region between your ears. You are one of the chief proponents and protectors of the “defendant in chief” and perpetrator of the “spectacle in Washington.”

Apparently it’s the path of righteousness and truth to investigate the president when the president is a Democrat and an indiscriminate Indian hunting party from the Old West hell bent on destruction when the president is a Republican. If hypocrisy were a fatal disease, Newt Gingrich would be terminal.

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