The ousting of Comey by Trump and Sessions lit a fire under the FBI and DoJ investigators and prosecutors directly involved in the Trump’nGOP affair.

News of grand juries, indictments and warrants first broke the surface on Claude Taylor’s Twitter stream before a dilatory MSM finally caught up weeks later. Now the mainstream media is scrambling to keep up.

Keith Olbermann was the first in the mainstream to report on the existence of federal grand juries in connection with the FBI’s Russian probes.

The following week CNN confirmed it though they inaccurately and unjustly promoted their story as an “exclusive”:

Unlike CNN, Keith Olbermann has the integrity to credit original sources. For that matter, Claude Taylor does too:

Quick update: 

  • The existence of grand juries in connection with Trump’nGOP has been confirmed
    • Three are known to have been empanelled (there will likely be more in the near future) and at least one of those has completed its work
    • There are 25 federal indictments so far
  • An unspecified number of warrants have been issued
    • It’s strong possibility that one of those warrants is being executed as I write this
  • Subpoenas were issued to associates of Mike Flynn just hours before James Comey was fired
  • A grand jury has also been convened in New York in conjunction with NY AG Eric Schneiderman’s investigation of Enterprise Corruption (includes RICO). To date that grand jury had handed down 16 indictments

That Latest: FBI on the move

Events are fast catching up… nipping at the heels of the Twitter prognosticators:

So what’s happening? Who has what kind of warrants where and when? Investigative reporter for WBAL-TV tweeted:

The firm is the Strategic Campaign Group (SCG) — but what does this have to do with the GOP?

More information needed — who is this Principle and what ties does he have to Paul Manafort and Roger Stone? (Scroll down this article to the subheading Who’s Who in SpyGOP for a primer on Manafort and Stone.)

It’s causing quite a stir in the legal community and they’re reporting in to internet journalists:

But is this a local case?

But a spokesman for the Strategic Campaign Group are claiming this has nothing to do with Trump’nGOP… can SCG be trusted to tell the truth about this? Over to you, Justice Department Attorney Sarah Smith:

The television cameras have arrived:

This is even better — and although I didn’t know that they had ties to SCG, it is corroborating what I deduced two months back:

Meanwhile in an NBC interview, the thoroughly delusional Donald Trump tells Lester Holt:

Will update as this story develops. 

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