Fearless French President Lumps Trump In With Tyrants & Dictators

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The new French President Emmanuel Macron is already proving to be a leader of strength, courage and integrity, and the man does not mince words. Days ago, Macron stood right next to Vladimir Putin during a press conference and censured the Russian president for Russia’s interference during the French presidential campaigns.

On Tuesday, The Independent writes Macron compared Trump to the “increasingly autocratic leaders” when commenting on pictures of the tense handshake between the two during the NATO summit in Brussels last week.

Mr. Macron said the tense handshake, which last several seconds with both men’s knuckles looking white before Mr. Trump was forced to pull away first, was “not innocent” and was designed to show he was not a pushover.

Here is the handshake:

Macron told a predominate French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche:

“Donald Trump, the Turkish president or the Russian president see relationships in terms of a balance of power.

Macron adds,

“That doesn’t bother me. I don’t believe in diplomacy by public abuse, but in my bilateral dialogues, I won’t let anything pass.”

Can’t help wonder what Trump was thinking while President Macron was speaking other than, “Hey. How come this immigrant gets to speak in another language? What’s he saying about me?” 

The Independent also adds there have been numerous reports of Trump behaving like a “drunk tourist” on his first trip overseas. A better description might be a “dangerous, war-mongering, lying, scamming, hate-filled drunk tourist.”

One of the most embarrassing scenes (and there were many) for Americans to witness while Trump was overseas, was watching the clip of Fake President blatantly pushing aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic so Trump’s bombastic self could appear front and center for the  group photo on the first day of NATO. The scene is so cringe-worthy it hurts the eyes, so someone decided to make a humorous slo-mo musical out of it. (And yes, it still hurts to watch, but at least you can hum along.)


— Christopher Price (@topherchris) May 25, 2017


We see some of the leaders there smiling that nervous smile we’ve all been known to do in odd situations, but one can imagine that deep down most are thinking, “This fucking guy!”

And then there was Trump lecturing and denouncing fellow NATO leaders to their faces for not spending enough on defense—like he was still the boss-host on his Reality Show The Apprentice, and the NATO leaders were contestants. 

Perhaps one of most serious and dangerous actions Trump took, or rather didn’t take during this trip was his refusal to commit to Article 5 of the NATO treaty – stating if one NATO country is attacked, others will come to its aid. Sort of an “all for one, one for all” agreement. Like the showboat ass that he is, Trump opted out, and days later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly stated Europe could no longer rely on the U.S. to help them. What Trump might not realize or care about, but we do, is that thanks to him, the United States may no longer be able to rely upon our long-standing allies to come to our aid, should we be in need. Of course, the international buffoon probably thinks we’d never need the help of other countries and he’d be too pompous to ask, and why should he? He’s made American great again, and now he the Boy-King of the world. 

So, no, It’s not hard to see why Macron would compare Trump to power-hungry tyrants like Putin and Erdoğan. Most Americans do as well—and we’re working on  that very problem.

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