First the Trump regime fired Sally Yates. Now they’re trying to muzzle her.


Speculation on Monday evening suggested that the primary target of Devin Nunes’ odd behavior over the previous days was preventing the next public hearing of the Intelligence Committee, a hearing at which former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was due to speak.

Interesting—Jeremy Bash implies Sally Yates had revelations for House Intel about when she told WH that Flynn lied. Nunes nixed the hearing.

But Nunes’ actions are only part of the wall the Trump regime is attempting to build between Yates and any chance she might tell the public what she knows.

The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to Congress in the House investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, The Washington Post has learned, a position that is likely to further anger Democrats who have accused Republicans of trying to damage the probe.

Even if Yates does make it to a public forum, the Trump regime is so frightened of what she has to say, that they’re attempting to tape her mouth shut with an eye-rolling legal claim.

Yates was notified earlier this month by the Justice Department that the administration considers a great deal of her possible testimony to be barred from discussion in a congressional hearing because the topics are covered by the presidential communication privilege.


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