GOP strategist Rick Wilson wrote on twitter this morning: “His denial is a full confession of guilt: Mike Pence Rejects Report That He Is Positioning for 2020,” referencing Mike Pence’s angry denial of a recent New York Times article saying that Pence is running a “shadow campaign” for 2020 leaving Trump out of the picture. Here are six subsequent tweets that Wilson made on the subject.

2/ Pence is a *major* safety blanket for GOP Members, particularly in the Senate. He's a kind of "But Gorsuch!" talisman they clutch...

5/ Eyes on the *actual* prize, etc. If Trump collapses Pence is at solid risk for splash damage in the conservative civil war to come.  

6/ And... #ETTD is a proven rule now, so plan accordingly.

If you missed it, Pence’s office issued a statement calling the New York Times article “disgraceful and offensive.”  The New York Times article was nothing of the sort. It merely chronicled how disillusioned a lot of Republicans were and how Mike Pence in particular has his own PAC set up and is using his Naval Observatory residence as a GOP fundraising hub. Pence’s actions speak for themselves and are quite transparent. It’s interesting how he’s making so much ado about what he says is nothing. Mike Pence protesteth too much, methinks.