Wow. This is what country over party patriotism looks like.

German opposition candidate to Angela Merkel, Martin Schulz, torched Trump’s behavior in Brussels calling an insult to Merkel an insult to all Germans.


No freely elected head of government in our country should allow him or herself to be humiliated in this way. The way this man [Trump], like an autocratic leader, believed he could inflict humiliation in Brussels. Election campaign or no election campaign, in this situation, let me be entirely clear: the chancellor represents all of us at summits like these, and I reject with outrage the way this man takes it upon himself to treat the head of our country’s government. That is unacceptable.

Translation: The best answer to Donald Trump is a stronger Europe.

I’ve listened to/read the transcript several times and with each passing, how low America has fallen in the name of partisanship becomes more stark.

Martin Schulz has exemplified what it means to put country over party.

If only Republicans would do the same when it comes to Putin’s attack on the foundations of our own country.