The discovery that Jared Kushner tried to open a secret communications channel with Moscow wasn’t the only potential bombshell detonated yesterday. In case you missed it, John Schindler reported in the Observer that NSA director Mike Rogers told his troops his agency has evidence that Trump campaign operatives colluded with Russia during the election.

It turns out that there might be a lot more to come. For those who don’t remember, back in February Schindler revealed that several active and retired intelligence professionals have “gone nuclear” against Trump, and are amassing evidence that could not only put him out of office, but send him to prison. 

Hours after his piece went live on the Kushner-owned Observer, Schindler dropped a loud hint on Twitter that his article is a salvo in a coming bombardment on Trump.

I did a little research, and it turns out the Lizard Union was a right-leaning resistance organization during World War II. Sounds appropriate, since Schindler and most of his compatriots tilt right. Trump had a hard time recruiting people for his national security team because nearly every Republican national security professional worth getting was a never-Trumper.

It’s going to be mighty interesting to see what comes out. After all, if Rogers is telling the truth, the NSA has enough evidence to not only bring down Trump, but destroy any legitimacy for a potential Pence succession. After all, if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, the entire Trump-Pence ticket is tainted.

Notice that Trump hasn’t fired off any rage tweets since this broke. Perhaps he knows WaPo and Schindler have him busted.