Ivanka Trump’s Fun Memorial Day Ideas. Make Champagne Popsicles To Toast The Fallen!


In the White House sits a family that talks about war like it is play. A family that makes deadly military decisions based on scoring points and a daughter’s tears.

That daughter. A woman who has demonstrated she wields the power of life and death in this world, has tweeted no thoughts or respects this Memorial Day but her personal website has given us a number of creative ways to make it super fun. 

Have a picnic

Pack your basket with summer noodles and watermelon coolers using easy, delicious recipes from Huckle & Goose.

More of a BBQ fan?

Heed Jamie Oliver’s ten tips for grilling the perfect feast.

Pour the bubbly

Cap the night off with a champagne popsicle.

Wear all-white

If we’re following the rules, it’s the first day we can wear it—celebrity stylist Melissa Garcia shows us how.

Blast some tunes

Heading on a road trip? Fill the gas tank, stock up on snacks and play a pumped-up playlist.

Pack like a pro

We challenge you to fit everything in one small duffel bag. Go!

@IvankaTrumpHQ  pic.twitter.com/qT9UmFAQK8

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