Jeff Sessions Should be Disbarred: ACLU Files Complaint with Alabama Bar Association


The explosive stories from the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal last night all showing that Sessions knowingly gave false testimony to congress under oath about his meetings with Russia’s top spy are profoundly disturbing.  There is no doubt in my mind that Sessions has committed perjury; however, prosecution for perjury is extremely difficult and Republicans will drag their feet in pushing Sessions into recusal or resignation by political means (if they act at all).  

There is something that can be done immediately; however, to penalize Sessions for this obvious breach of legal ethics.  The Alabama State Bar Association should disbar Sessions, preventing him from practicing law in the state just as the Arkansas State Bar Association did to William Clinton.  While this would not necessarily prevent him from digging in his heels and serving as Attorney General (this is not without precedent, disbarred judges and Attorneys General have refused to step down in the past) it is likely that Sessions would choose to either challenge the disbarment in the Alabama Supreme Court or resign rather than serve without a law license.  Either way would force the matter of if the Attorney General of the United States committed perjury out into the open so that the nation can have renewed faith that its laws are being enforced justly.  

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