Well, this is kinda fun. Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton took to Twitter last week to tweet out individual jabs at Donald Trump. 

Carter’s dig came from the Jimmy Carter Library, so we’re not really sure how involved the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate was in the deed. Whether it was directly from Carter or someone he hired, it’s working as the Carter tweet compares Jimmy Carter’s first 100 days in office with Trump’s first 100 days (which were are a HUGE DISASTA).

Here is the tweet from Jimmy Carter Library.

Ding, ding, ding—we have a winner! 

The other tweet is by Bill Clinton who mocked Trump’s unfounded allegation that former President Barack Obama was bugging Trump — in more ways than one. 

Here is Bill Clinton’s tweet.

We’re still waiting to see if Obama will tweet out a dig, but then again, the mere existence of Obama is a constant thorn in Donald Trump’s side. 

Oh, those boys. Presidents will be presidents — and then there’s Trump.