Trump is a Tornado of Fake News

(A slightly shorter version of this clip can be found here, without the commentary on Tillerson’s “F-n Moron” slam and Trump’s ‘Fake News’ discounting of that — of yet more ‘unpleasant facts’ he can’t let stand.)

Jimmy Kimmel:


No one, no breathing human on planet Earth, produces more ‘Fake News’ than Donald Trump.

This is Donald Trump's rating on Politifact, the nonpartisan Fact-checking organization:

According to them, only 5 percent of the things that come out of his mouth are True.

Over 2/3 -- 69% are either Mostly False, False, or Pants on Fire false …


Donald Trump is a Tornado of Fake News.

He is the Micheal Jordan, Elvis Presley, and Great-Wall-of-China of Fake News, combined.

(Loud Applause.)

Here is the link to Politifact’s stellar Scorecard, on Donald Trump’s overall Truthiness.

It’s not a presidential picture of leadership — not by a long shot.

Therefore, it must be “Fake” — by DJT's own unproven, cred-worthiness criteria.