Watch Melania Slap Trump’s Hand Away Deplaning in Tel Aviv


Perhaps wanting to mark the historic moment (their flight from Riyadh to Tel Aviv was the first direct air link between the two countries) drumpf tries to grab Melania’s hand as they deplane….and the result is hilarious. (Thanks to Voice of Reason)

LOL! Melania in Tel Aviv is as MISERABLE, as Melania in the U.S. Watch her push away the CREEP's  hand. PRICELESS😂😂😂This guy is DISGUSTING!

— Voice of Reason (@raggapegs) May 22, 2017


Back off, loser!

I dunno what happened on the flight, or if Melania picked up some left hand etiquette in Saudi, but this needs to go viral regardless.

Some replies from twitter:

@raggapegs Melania wants nothing to do with him. 9 days with Trump she can't wait to get back to her sanctuary in New York.

— debdlund (@DebdLun) May 22, 2017


@raggapegs Lmao dude you are going to break the internet with this tweet 😂

— I Do Not care (@iamreal2017) May 22, 2017


@raggapegs Melania just wants to spend his money she don't want to hold his hand

— James Bradwell (@BradwellJames) May 22, 2017


@raggapegs @cherokeesher2 I think she tried to grab his hand, but it was so tiny she missed

— phil (@lubiephil) May 22, 2017


@raggapegs Omg melania 😂😂😂😂😂😂

— my name is my name (@aeioudadedidodu) May 22, 2017


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