LOL! WaPo Disputes Trump’s Claim That He Is Busy and Active!


When Trump made the excuse that he and his aides were just too darn busy and active to get their stories straight, my fleeting thought was “yeah right Mr 3 ½ day work week”.  But thought no more of it. So it was with some delight to see someone else pick up on it and take the time to calculate and disprove it.  Philip Bump delivers.

In the scheme of things this is a small delusion compared to Bigly’s democracy jeopardizing whoppers, but it fits in with all of his imaginary superlatives- like the nauseating passage where he opined in one of his latest interviews how well suited he was to the job of President. Gaggg!!!

So far this week, Trump has had only nine events on his public calendar — all of them closed. If we compare week-to-week, that shift in his activity is obvious.

They charted his time into open media events, closed ones, and pool sprays, and give him a pass on golfing weekends.

The obvious question that arises is: What’s Trump doing the rest of the time?

If he’s very active, what’s he active doing? Who’s he meeting with? What are they discussing? We are left to make one of two assumptions: Trump either is hiding a lot of his presidential business from the public, or he is not doing much at all.

Obviously- screaming at the TV and eating ice cream. 

Of course when you’re running around with your hair on fire, trying to put out other fires, things can seem very busy around you. But, not productive. There’s a difference which Bigly would never have learned. 

This is our one small blessing- that he is lazy, and incompetent…

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