It’s official. Since the elimination of cyber bullying hasn’t worked out as a platform for Melania Trump (probably due to the fact that she’s married to the cyber bullying poster child himself) Melania is taking up the cause of drug addiction as her signature endeavor. Son-in-law Jared Kushner was supposed to take care of the opoid epidemic, but apparently he’s too busy with securing peace in the middle east and revamping the use of technology in government — when he isn’t busy consulting with his lawyers over his myriad of personal legal problems. In all events, Melania introduced Donald Trump today as he proclaimed opoid addiction a national emergency, and assured those present that, among other things, building his infamous border wall was going to be a solution to the issue. Here’s what Melania said to USA Today:

"What I found to be the common theme with all of these stories is that this can happen to any of us," she said. "Drug addiction can take your friends, neighbors, or your family. No state has been spared, and no demographic has been untouched."

She praised her husband for declaring a public health emergency and directing the federal government to do everything to combat the opioid crisis.  

She said the crisis has affected millions of Americans; more than 175 Americans succumb to overdoses every day, she said. As an increasingly child-welfare-centered first lady, she is getting involved in the issue because of its effect on children.

So child welfare, as manifested by the opoid epidemic, is Melania’s stated pursuit as FLOTUS. It would be interesting to ask her why her husband has already rolled back the school lunch program and funding for a Peace Corps program to educate girls in poor countries which were key achievements of Michelle Obama’s, since those are prime child welfare issues — but let Melania have her moment of unicorns and fairy dust as she sets out to do good for the children. May her achievements match her lip service and may she achieve one tenth as much as Michelle Obama did.