Melania Trump went to a middle school in Detroit yesterday with Betsy DeVos and it was the perfect marriage of photo op meets noblesse oblige. Melania spoke for about a minute, clutching her microphone with both perfectly manicured hands in the style of a 50's billboard crooner and then went into the crowd to smile and schmooze, allowing the children, even the black ones, to take a selfie with her. Even giving Melania the benefit of the doubt that her intentions were honorable, the fact that she's married to the Bully in Chief, who begins each day by lashing out with a personal attack of his avowed adversaries, automatically gives the lie to the fact that this woman could possibly know anything about changing the heart of a bully. Melania was piping platitudes and looking good, plain and simple. She knows nothing whereof she speaks on this topic and cries of hypocrisy are reigning in the realm. Talk show host Joe Scarborough, himself a victim of Trump's vicious attacks, "psycho Joe" and his wife and co-host "low IQ" Mika, were unforgiving. Newsweek:

Both Scarborough and fellow anchor Willie Geist noted the “hypocrisy” of the cyberbullying campaign, while political analyst Mark Halperin pondered “how historians are going to write about the Trump administration. This is not a huge thing in the scheme of things, but it’s going to be hard for historians to explain this.”

Brzezinski then brought up the already tense situation between the U.S. and North Korea, particularly Trump’s verbal missives against Kim Jong Un. “If you look at Melania speaking to children about making a friend and not bullying, and then you look at her husband talking about ‘Rocket Man’ and actually bullying what many consider the crazy leader of North Korea...this is our foreign policy? It’s bullying?” she said.

Scarborough concluded the segment by saying that when historians one day explain the Trump presidency’s hypocrisy, “this would be a good place to start...the first lady actually going out and having the audacity to talk about anti-bullying.”

This is a media backfire on Melania's part. Whoppi Goldberg made the suggestion that she abandon this quest and work on "Stilletos For The Needy" or something more her speed. Ouch.