NSA Director Mike Rogers poised to ‘drop a bomb’ on Trump admin during Wednesday testimony


That’s the headline from this article posted @ the Raw story by David Ferguson (with Ari Melber’s video segment @ the link — really worth a look see – imo)| June 4th, 2017

   I’d post the video clip from Ari Melber’s new program ‘The Point’ featured in the above story, but unfortunately it remains unavailable online. After watching the same program with guests including chief of the Washington bureau for Mother Jones, author, and political journalist David Corn, and Atlantic magazine writer Steve Clemons, both guests made important points that are getting sort of sidelined by the beltway press corps and msm

  Former FBI director James Comey, fired by Trump, is set to testify before the senate intelligence committee on Thursday (video @ link). That story is topping the headlines. A story less advertised is Wednesday’s scheduled testimony by NSA Director Michael Rogers.

  Here is a statement by Steve Clemons from the June 4th, 2017 Ari Melber program ‘The Point’:

  Rogers will testify Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is currently investigating whether President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials to sway the results of the 2016 election.

“While a lot of people have focused on James Comey and that’s obviously a huge anchor in this,”

Clemons said at the end of the segment,

“watch the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Wednesday. National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers may have a bomb to drop in this, as well as Dan Coates.

 I have been tipped off that Mike Rogers has a story to tell as well that goes right along the lines that our friend David Corn has shared.”

David Corn weighed with this statement during the program:

“We now know for certain that Vladimir Putin waged political warfare against America’s democracy with the election last year,”

said Mother Jones magazine’s David Corn.

“While that’s going on, Donald Trump is saying, ‘No, it’s not happening.’ It’s like a guy in front of a bank robbery saying, ‘Nothing is going on here.’ He was helping.”

“He made it easier for Putin to pull this off,”

Corn said.

“That in itself should be a big scandal.”

David Corn was reiterating some of the points he made in one of his earlier articles with a timeline of events here (the graphic used above in this diary):

We Already Know Trump Betrayed America

Collusion? maybe. Active Enabling? Definitely

here is a small excerpt:

The Trump-Russia scandal is the subject of multiple investigations that may or may not unearth new revelations, but this much is already certain: Donald Trump is guilty.

We don’t need additional information about the Russian covert scheme to undermine the 2016 campaign, or about the curious interactions between Team Trump and Russia, or about Trump pressuring and then firing FBI Director James Comey, to reach the judgment that the president of the United States engaged in wrongdoing.

From the start, Trump and his crew have claimed they had nothing to do with the hack-and-leak operation mounted by Russian intelligence to help Trump nab the presidency. They have dismissed the matter as fake news, and they have insisted there is no issue because there has been no proof that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia. In May, for instance, Trump proclaimed, “Believe me, there’s no collusion.” Nothing to see; move along.

Explicit collusion may yet be proved by the FBI investigation overseen by special counsel Robert Mueller or by other ongoing probes. But even if it is not, a harsh verdict can be pronounced: Trump actively and enthusiastically aided and abetted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plot against America.

This is the scandal.

It already exists—in plain sight. […]

This country needs a thorough and public investigation to sort out how the Russian operation worked, how US intelligence and the Obama administration responded, and how Trump and his associates interacted with Russia and WikiLeaks. But whatever happened out of public view, the existing record is already conclusively shameful. Trump and his crew were active enablers of Putin’s operation to subvert an American election.

That is fire, not smoke.

That is scandal enough.

See our entire updated Trump-Russia timeline dating back to the 1980s.

— emphasis added

..the rest of David Corn’s exposé is spot on, and another example of David Corns excellent journalism — imo

with just a couple of additional points that Daily Kos contributor Dartagnan brought up yesterday here, and I commented on here that also seem to be secondary issues for the msm.

This is at the core of the GOP hypocrisy. With 5 links selected from a google search (that has dozens more), to stories of republican politicians demanding that Hillary Clinton be immediately impeached:

Of course we wouldn’t even be engaging in this intellectual exercise at this point if a Democrat were President:

Even speculating about such a thing, however, is irrelevant, because a Democratic president who’d bragged that she’d fired the director of the FBI in order to relieve the “pressure” of a counterintelligence investigation would already have been impeached 37 times.

Calling out hypocrisy, used to be sufficient to define, expose and target a proper response leading to solutions. Not anymore it seems. This current maladministration has taken corruption, political malfeasance, and Constitutional violations to a new low level. And that’s not counting the ongoing obstruction of justice by the current executive regime nor the political party aiding and abetting both the obstruction of justice and the cover up — the GOP

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