Hilarious photographs of Trump and his cast of dozens of cons appear on screen along with perfectly syncopated music and real chyrons, which you may remember from the mists of last spring:

"Trump gets two scoops of ice cream, everybody else gets one,"

"Former CIA Official: Trump needs a pacifier and a rattle,"

"President's spokesman says he can't speak for the president,"

"Trump defends tweet rant with new tweet rant."

Yes, friends, the chyron lineup alone reads like one of those old commercials at 3:00 a.m. when golden oldies like "Leader Of The Laundromat" and "My Boyfriend's Back," were sold -- hey, maybe Jared and Donald Jr. can take a page from history, once they're through paying their debt to society, and save the family brand, ya spose? 

In all events, without any further ado or spoilers, enjoy, enjoy.