Our weekender pr*sident is saving taxpayers money and he wants you to know it!

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Ahh, yes, another weekend, another getaway subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. But this weekend, Don “frugal” Trump is really tightening his belt and he wants voters to know that he feels their pain. So Friday morning, the “everyman” public servant reached out to his people.

Rather than causing a big disruption in N.Y.C., I will be working out of my home in Bedminster, N.J. this weekend. Also saves country money!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2017


What Don’s likely doing there for the informed tweeter is thanking his people for another weekend of golf, as suggested by Friday’s White House pool report:

Good morning from dreary and rainy Branchburg, New Jersey, about three miles and a 15 minute drive from where POTUS is located at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster.

But to Trump’s point, hitting the New Jersey links is a real money saver compared to the weekender’s usual Mar-a-Lago getaways. Mother Jones reports:

Every hour Trump flies on Air Force One costs taxpayers more than $142,000. For just two weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago that Trump took in March, taxpayers paid $1.2 million. Again, that’s just for the plane that ferried Trump. That doesn’t count the cost of fighter jet escorts, the planes carrying Trump’s limousines, or any of the on-the-ground costs.

Let’s face it, weekending in New Jersey rather than Florida sure shows Trump’s a man of the people … and saving money!

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