Telling his audience to “connect the dots,” Robert Reich goes through a series of unpopular orange social media troll Donald Trump’s tweets. Using five of Trump’s missives, starting in February, concerning our judicial system’s practice of calling the Donald’s edicts “unconstitutional,” Reich explains what is at stake here.

Reich points out that Trump’s choice for Attorney General backed these strange attacks on our Constitution when he tried to belittle Hawaii as “an island in the Pacific,” questioning our unpopular president’s “statutory and Constitutional power.” On Wednesday, Trump started the day by attacking the wrong court on a ruling barring enforcement of his executive order to withhold funds from sanctuary cities that didn’t comply with his gestapo.

The ruling was a United States District Court ruling, it hasn’t had a chance to go to appeals yet. Just a little for your information. Reich finishes by talking about Trump’s newest unconstitutional plan—disbanding the 9th Circuit court of appeals.

On Wednesday, Trump said he was considering breaking up the court of appeals for the 9th Circuit, in which these three federal judges hear and decide cases. "There are many people who want to break up the 9th Circuit,” he said. “It’s outrageous.” The 9th Circuit Court covers Arizona, California, Alaska, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington and Hawaii, as well as Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Eighteen of the court’s 25 judges were appointed by Democratic presidents.

One thing is clear—Donald Trump has failed civics 101.

This assault on the federal judiciary is an abuse of Trump’s constitutional authority – yet another ground for impeachment.