It is no secret the people at Vote Vets are not fans of Donald Trump. Why would they be? His incompetence is putting American lives, particularly those serving in the Armed Forces, at risk. Yesterday they sent out a couple of tweets that were critical of the tweeter-in-chief. See for yourself, they weren’t crude or over-the-top. 

They retweeted a clip showing Sean Spicer dedicating a whole 21 seconds to the news that three service members were killed in Afghanistan over the weekend:

They mentioned another federal court smacked down Trump’s Muslim ban:

After watching the embarrassing and unusual butt-kissing cabinet meeting yesterday, the organization sent this tweet, which is in no way out of bounds after the bizarre proclamations of praise heaped on Donald Trump at the meeting:

Apparently that was too much for the thin-skinned ego-in-chief. He blocked the organization on Twitter:

If you want to learn more about the soldiers killed over the weekend, their families are sharing.