Steve Schmidt: 71-year-old president who has an impulse control of a little child

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David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons

Conservative Republican pundit Steve Schmidt made it clear that calling Trump a businessman does not square with the manner in which he runs the White House. He calls out the president for his infantile behavior that is a detriment to the country in very stark terms.

It is clear that this pundit is not shy about calling out Donald Trump for his childish behavior. He described it as the impulse control of a little child in this excerpted video.

“As someone who served in the West Wing of the White House,” Steve Schmidt said. “I never disgrace the office. I never disgraced the president I worked for. I conducted myself like that.”

Schmidt then knocks Trump’s business acumen.

“And I’ll add another thing,” Schmidt continued. “There is no business in America that runs like this West Wing White House does. No CEO of a publicly traded company that would have not already been removed by his board, if he acted one-tenth the way that Donald Trump did. That’s not to mention the entire senior officer core of the United States military.”

Schmidt then slams the Trump’s behavior.

The behavior and comportment of this president and the degradation he brings to the important institutions in this country — One of the defining issues, that this country is dealing with at this time, is the collapse of trust in institutions.  And every day a president who should be charged with strengthening these institutions that are in crisis is further degrading them with a total inability to control himself. Vladimir Putin appeared in the documentary that Oliver Stone did recently. … One of the things Putin revealed about himself is his contempt for people who have no control. And clearly, we have a 71-year-old President of the United States who has the impulse control of a little child, who feels aggrieved, who is resentful, who is a constant victim. And I find it remarkable that you could sit here and you can say on any level that he has demonstrated any capacity for impulse control. He clearly has no impulse control judge by the attacks on the Attorney General, judge by his attacks on other people. There’s just no argument to be had that he has the psychological ability to control himself. He doesn’t.”

Steve Schmidt could not be clearer. He could not be more right about his assessment of President Donald Trump.

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