Donald Trump is being relentlessly trolled on Twitter by California’s House Rep. Ted Lieu. The Democratic lawmaker continues to match almost every clusterfuck of tweets by the #FakeNewsPresident with intelligent, informative and quick-witted snarky counter-tweets. Lieu also attacks Trump’s son-in-law and Senior Advisor Jared Kushner, and this bothers Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump. So she blocked the congressman. Here’s Ted Lieu’s response to Ivanka’s block followed by eight of the many tweets Lieu has made over the last couple of weeks.

Hey look, a senior White House official is afraid of tweets from a Congressman. Ivanka blocked me. Also, why is she in the White House?

Here’s the tweet:

Upsetting and being blocked by Ivanka Trump is like a piece of lint on Lieu’s shoulder that he dusts off, as the lawmaker continues to stick on Trump like ivy on a cracked foundation. On Monday, one of Lieu tweets calls out the DHS (Department of Home Security) to do something about domestic terrorism—by doing something about Donald Trump.

Showing his disdain for Steve Bannon as well as other Trump White House cronies is commonplace for Ted Lieu. On Sunday, he  joined the popular sentiments of Beau Willmons.

In response to Trump’s cowardly attempt to hold onto his white supremacist base this past weekend after Charlottesville terrorist attack, Lieu tweets:

As a veteran who served active duty in Guam, Lieu can speak not only with intelligence, but also from experience. 


With his boundless love for “Lyin’ Sessions” and “Lyin’ Kushner, Lieu continues to shoot for the downfall of the entire Trump brigade.

In this tweet, Lieu explains the meaning of “big fuckng deal.”

The fact that Ted Lieu was a former prosecuting attorney allows him to tweet some legal smack.


The Ted Lieu theme: Dear Donald Trump: You lie.


Don’t stop, Ted Lieu. We’re listening—and thank you.