The "Shadow Network" That Brought Trump to Power


This is truly a frightening story.  Washington Post reveals something that a certain person once called A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, operating partly through “charities,” which has finally resulted in the purchase of an entire political party and enabled the rise of Bannon, Miller, and Trump.

I don’t know what to say here.  This is the stuff of political fiction — a Red Diaper baby decides the Left is a Menace to America and celebrates the rise of Reagan.  Extremists become mainstream.  Misuse of the very term “charity” enables the funding of a propaganda network that eventually connects with political activists and politicians like Jefferson Sessions.  

Finally we see an utterly corrupt and unqualified President apparently in thrall to Moscow, a rigged election, and a top White House adviser who advocates the destruction of the state, all represented by a speechwriter who specializes in blood, paranoia, iron and doom.

Do read it — it begins like this — and believe me I wish it were a movie:

The crowd rose to its feet and roared its approval as Sen. Jeff Sessions bounded onto the stage at the Breakers, an exclusive resort in Palm Beach, Fla. Stephen Miller, an aide to the Alabama Republican, handed him a glass trophy honoring his bravery as a lawmaker.

“Heyyyy!” Sessions yelled out to the crowd.

The ceremony that day, in November 2014, turned out to be a harbinger: It brought together an array of hard-right activists and a little-known charity whose ideas would soon move from the fringes of the conservative movement into the heart of the nation’s government.

The man behind the event was David Horowitz, a former ’60s radical who became an intellectual godfather to the far right through his writings and his work at a charity, the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Since its formation in 1988, the Freedom Center has helped cultivate a generation of political warriors seeking to upend the Washington establishment. These warriors include some of the most powerful and influential figures in the Trump administration: Attorney General Sessions, senior policy adviser Miller and White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon.”

The whole thing is surreal, bizarre and unfortunately, this is now the world we live in.  I’m not at all positive we’ll survive as a nation.  The warping of reality via FOX and social media, bot nets spewing Alternative Facts — I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump supporters spewing Putin’s nonsense and taking his bull**** more seriously than the words of seasoned US intelligence officers, scholars and statesmen.

And, if it becomes acceptable to attack the press, the First Amendment, harass and brutalize immigrants — when will we be picked off?  We’re vulnerable, all of us citizens but especially those of us who dissent from the lying, dark-hearted beasts who’ve crawled into our house.  

And what’s to stop them from rigging elections far into the future?  Russians or no Russians, the forces within are already dismantling our country.…

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