Mike Pence on Friday reaffirmed that he not only never had a moral compass, he's lost his ability to pretend that he has one.

Yep, you guys are really gonna do great things together: hit people you don't like, lie about it, slap each other on the back, maybe hobnob with some Russians.

Donald Trump naturally called the candidate's victory a "great win" after endorsing him as a "wonderful guy." But frankly, that's to be expected. Gianforte is Trump’s mini-me who actually clocked a reporter—something Trump himself bragged about wanting to do on the campaign trail.

What's been interesting is watching Mike Pence lose all bearing on the appearance of what's acceptable because of the idiot presidency he signed up for. Keep it up, Mikey. Your political viability is going down the crapper by the day. You may well end up in the history books—alongside Spiro Agnew.