Donald Trump announced earlier in the week that the JFK files would be released today, to the consternation of the CIA and the FBI. It was announced today that only 2,800 of the total files would be released, and that the rest will be released on an ongoing basis, with appropriate redactions. According to a former CIA agent, there’s a very good reason for this. RawStory:

“I’m going to bet this is about protecting people,” [former CIA agent Phil] Mudd explained. “It’s not about whether there’s a plot that the American people don’t understand. It’s people. Back after this assassination, you can guarantee that the FBI and CIA were talking to everybody they knew overseas in countries like Russia, Cuba, Mexico, about what happened and whether they had information in these foreign governments about the assassin. Those conversations might have been with government officials and might have been with paid informants.”

He went on to explain that those informants might still be alive and unaware that they’re cited in the documents about to be released.

“It’s not that simple, though. What do you tell a child, ‘We’re going to reveal that your dad was a spy for the CIA?'” Mudd wondered, implying families of informants might also not have been informed. “And finally, information. What if there is information released about someone in Latin America about Lee Harvey Oswald and it’s so specific that that government can say I know decades ago who would have provided that to the Americans. I think the debate, the bottom line, is about protecting identities so the Americans keep to the people who provided information in the 1960s.”

Of course it goes without saying that this move today is being construed differently by many and conspiracy theories, here we go:

Maybe Ted Cruz managed to quash the information about his father killing JFK;  although the smart money says that what really happened is that Elvis killed JFK and Ted Cruz’ father killed Elvis, and that was after Big Foot faked the moon landing. Plausible, no? /s