Unpopular President Trump’s tenure as commander-in-chief of the executive branch of our government has been a predictably terrible disaster. One of the only saving graces has been that his ineptitude coupled with the political party that created his craven disfunction has meant that only some of his party’s terrible ideas have been turned into law. Tony Schwartz was the ghostwriter of Donald Trump’s “autobiography” The Art of the Deal. Schwartz spent many hours with the Orange One—in short spurts due to Trump’s inability to keep it together for more than six minutes at a time. In a series of tweets today, Schwartz says he believes that the fiery car crash that is this presidency has reached a crossroads where Trump himself will resign in order to get away from further humiliation and embarrassment.

The good news is that he may be right. The bad news is that if he’s right we still have to contend with Mike Pence, a man who may truly be the human embodiment of hypocritical zealotry.