Donald Trump fired off a string of tweets on Monday morning using London as proof that the United States need to implement his Muslim ban. But Trump isn’t just applying pressure to the executive order that’s on its way to the Supreme Court. He’s ready to back up and drop the “watered down” version that’s out there now.

Yeah. Where did they get that watered down, politically correct version with the Trump signature scrawled at the bottom?  It’s so politically correct that court after court has ruled that it violates Constitutional protections against targeting people based on religion, so watered-down that it bans travel from six Muslim countries. But since the Justice Department, which is apparently a thing Trump has no control over at all, is going ahead with their dishwater-strength version. They should hurry it up so they can get something serious in place.

What would a “much tougher” version of not letting people into the country look like? Mini-walls at airports? Requiring airlines to include ejector seats? 

The courts are political, says the nation’s chief politician. But, of course, in Trump-land his proclamations are fair and balanced, it’s only other people who have political opinions opposed to the One True Way. All of this is just the trailing edge of a three day Twitter Storm in which Trump mocked the Mayor of London for seeking to reassure his citizens, sneered at gun-control advocates, and pointedly ignored events within the United States.

Donald Trump is so completely obsessed with The Magic Words (Radical Islamic Terrorism) that an incident that touches this magic phrase 4,000 miles away burns far, far more brightly than terror attacks in the United States that don’t include The Magic Words. Or doesn’t use them in the right order.

So, while an attack on Portland rated a single tweet three days after the event—from his second string Twitter account, not his main account — events in London have touched off a three day Twitter assault that began with Trump using the detailed knowledge given him by the most comprehensive intelligence machine on the planet.

Trump then went on to triumphantly note that the gun=grabbing liberals are quietened this time.

Take that gun control advocates. With a car and knives four people working together managed to kill 7 people. Of course, in Orlando, one guy managed to kill 50 and wound at least another 53 … with a gun. There is no debate about the ability of guns to kill many more people more quickly. That’s why we don’t send armies off to fight with minivans and knives. There’s also no debate that people will launch attacks with other things if guns aren’t available to them.

But Trump wasn’t done. He took this highly charged moment to insult the Mayor of London.

How dare you try to reassure people! Unstiffen those upper lips, because it’s time to get down to some serious fear, fear, fear.

We need EXTREME VETTING … says the guy who didn’t manage to vet his own National Security Advisor.