Trump suggests that anti-Semitic bomb threats, vandalism might be a conspiracy to make him look bad


Donald Trump was asked today about the continued bomb threats at Jewish community centers and vandalism at Jewish cemeteries in America. Trump took the opportunity to wonder if maybe Jewish Americans were doing it to themselves to make Trump supporters look bad. At least we think that’s what he meant; as usual, his actual statements were gibberish.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) told reporters Tuesday that Trump expressed horror at the situation but also appeared to suggest it might not be anti-Semitism and that it could be “the reverse,” according to reports from the BillyPenn blog and BuzzFeed. […]

Shapiro told BuzzFeed: “He just said, ‘Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad,’ and he used the word ‘reverse’ I would say two to three times in his comments. He did correctly say at the top that it was reprehensible.”

He may have gotten this idea from any one of his Breitbart-humping advisers, since Breitbart has been going down this InfoWars-esqe path of declaring that violence among Trump supporters is being “incited” by sneaky liberals for some time. He may have gotten this idea from infamous heap of rancid racist garbage David Duke, who has been promoting this precise theory himself. He may have gotten this idea from his conspiracy buddy Alex Jones, who believes that everything from Sandy Hook to 9/11 to take-your-pick is a “false flag” conspiracy to steal your guns, freedoms, or precious bodily fluids.

Or Trump may have come up with it on his own—not likely, but possible—as part of his ongoing dismissal of violence committed by his supporters. As the Post suggests, this is hardly the first time Trump has declared there was a conspiracy to make his supporters look bad. It’s an ongoing pattern of dismissing not just the violence, but the racism, the misogyny, and all the other nastiness that he has nurtured at his rallies and among his supporters.

“And this has to do with racism and horrible things that are put up. Some of it written by our opponents. […] Some of the signs you’ll see are not put up by the people that love or like Donald Trump, they’re put up by the other side, and you think it’s like playing it straight?”

Trump’s evidence for this is bupkis, but that’s what he’ll go with anyway because it allows him to continue to categorically deny that the racist movement that spawned him and boosted him into office is, in fact, racist.

So there’s Trump’s thoughts on the bomb threats that have been resulting in evacuations of Jewish daycare centers, community centers, and other venues across the nation. It’s bad that it’s happening, says pumpkinfuhrer—but maybe Jewish people are just trying to make him look bad?

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