Trump supporters are ready to destroy the CIA and absolve Russia by adopting crazy conspiracy theory


Donald Trump believes crazy conspiracy theories. He believes that Barack Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim. He believes that millions of illegal voters were responsible for his big popular vote loss. He thinks Ted Cruz’s father helped to kill JFK. He believes there is a secret deep state conducting a “soft coup” against his regime, that thousands of Muslims danced in New Jersey following 9/11, and of course that President Obama tapped his phones to listen in on his secret plans.

And those are just the conspiracy theories Trump has admitted to in public. Has anyone asked him about the moon landings? Nazi bases under the North Pole? Santa Claus?

It shouldn’t be surprising that Trump supporters are just as prone to wacko conspiracy theories as their leader. And now the alt-wrong is embracing a theory that says Russia never hacked the DNC … because America did it.

It didn’t take even 48 hours for an online conspiracy theory to make its way from the reply section of the WikiLeaks Twitter account to the prime-time airwaves on Fox News and top conservative radio programs.

Here’s the start of the crazy train. A single tweet from a Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange fan.

@wikileaks Meaning the CIA could have framed the Russians for the #DNCleaks and #PodestaEmails #Vault7 #DefendWL #FreeJulian

— Currie Dobson (@Ventuckyspaz) March 7, 2017



And while the speed of light may seem quickish, the speed of conspiracy is much, much higher. Now “conservatives” (which means whatever Trump says it means) are ready to absolve the Russians and blast those minions of the terrible deep state CIA.

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