Donald Trump is angry about negative coverage on Morning Joe—not that he watches it, mind you, definitely not—and naturally his response is a vicious personal attack. Not on Joe Scarborough, though. On Scarborough’s sidekick/fiancee Mika Brzezinski, because why would you attack a man when you can go full misogynist?

Well, Donald should know from the after-effects of face-lifts. But he certainly is fascinated by women bleeding—not creepy at all! Given what a scene Mar-a-Lago seems to be at New Year’s Eve, surely he can produce pictorial evidence of this, right? 

You don’t have to be a Mika Brzezinski fan to appreciate her response:

And, as Jake Tapper tweeted, “This reminds me: how is @FLOTUS's campaign against cyber-bullying going?” In fact, back in November, Melania Trump was decrying how “Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough.” We’ll be expecting a statement from her any minute, right?