Hey look, Donald Trump is having a tantrum on Twitter again. This time, it's because a Senate hearing heard testimony that his top national security adviser had lied to his administration and had been “compromised” by the Russians. Let's all watch this jackass melt down yet again, shall we?

By "Trump", it's unclear if he means himself or an imaginary friend who's also bright orange and wanders through the White House in a bathrobe.

Old news! Time to move on! I mean it now!

You'd think that either Ivanka or Jared would have hidden his phone by now, but no. It's 7pm, Donald Trump is off work, the special button on his desk that alerts his staff to bring him another Coke is broken—probably by Obama—and he's got literally nothing better to do.

Nothing to see here. Purely the uncontrollable ravings of a man who has nothing to hide, no sir, not a thing.