NY Times Op-Ed – ‘Trump has the intellectual depth of a coat of paint’

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

That devastating but clearly accurate description of the President is by Charles M. Blow in his column in today’s New York Times,  which has the title Trump’s Degradation of Language.

Blow is on fire in this piece.

He begins

One of the more pernicious and insidious effects of the Donald Trump regime may well be the damage he does to language itself.

In the next paragraph Blow tells us

Trumpian language is a thing unto itself: some manner of sophistry peppered with superlatives. It is a way of speech that defies the Reed-Kellogg sentence diagram. It is a jumble of incomplete thoughts stitched together with arrogance and ignorance.

and warns us

America is suffering under the tyranny of gibberish spouted by the lord of his faithful 46 percent.

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