Hey, welcome to Thursday. Today's big stories include a sitting U.S. president losing his mind on Twitter.

He's tweeting these things not over morning television—though there were plenty of those this morning—but in the middle of the supposed workday. He's tweeting about being under investigation despite a building full of people, including lawyers, who don't want him to do that because, well, duh.

If you're wondering whether Trump would allegedly go so far as to push multiple officials to intervene on the investigation into Russian hacking and its ties to the Trump campaign, or to make public statements declaring that he, Trump, was not being investigated himself, wonder no more; just look at his reaction to hearing that the investigation now includes his own actions.

This man is apoplectic over the investigation into Russian election hacking. It's barely even started yet, and he's pushed to new levels of panic and fury with every new revelation. Go figure.