Once again the so-called leader of the free world started his day with a twitter rant. He began with a slam against any Republican senator who dares to vote against the latest attempt to take away health care for millions of Americans, and then moved on to the other lunatic with nuclear codes:

Apparently this was his statesmanlike I’m-rubber-you’re-glue response to Kim Jong Un calling Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard.” And then it was on to bragging that he was the “most tweeted about world leader” on the day of his deranged speech at the United Nations, seemingly unaware that the majority of those tweets went something like, “OMG, did he really just say that?” and “We’re all going to die.”

Next up, more whining about the “Russia hoax”—you know, the one that the CIA, FBI, NSA and his own secretary of state agree happened—being all in the imagination of “Crooked Hillary” and the “dishonest Media,” and that:

He finished his morning of presidenting with a reminder that he is holding a rally tonight in Alabama … and then he went golfing. Again.

God bless America.