Donald Trump still does not have a lawyer who can convince him to shut his pie-hole about the Russia investigation that has now implicated top members of his own campaign-slash-family. So, as usual, Donald Trump is blabbing about it on Twitter.

This one is interesting because it seems the first time Donald ever used the "33,000 emails" line was just after Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a group of Russians promising information on Hillary Clinton. Donald has maintained that his offspring didn't tell him about what transpired during the meeting. This is, circumstantial evidence suggests, almost certainly another lie.

Campaign adviser Michael Caputo lived in Russia during the 1990s. It must have gone well because by 2000 he had secured a contract with Gazprom to "improve Putin's image in the United States." This makes the eleven hundredth and thirty Donald Trump campaign adviser to "coincidentally" have a history of direct links to the Russian government or its interests. Go. Figure.

Oh, he's doing fine. Nothing to see here, American psychiatrists. I don't know why we were ever worried.