On Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump Jr. admitted that he met with a Russian operative last year on the promise of getting “damaging information” about Hillary Clinton. So naturally, on Monday morning, Uday’s dad is trying to distract everyone from this collusion … and naturally, he’s doing it via Twitter. 

Proof? Fox News said so. Next:

Given that taking away health care for millions is proving more difficult than expected, his Republican minions in Congress will appreciate that one. Next:

Well, sure. He needed Ivanka to hold his seat because otherwise someone would have moved down from the outfield bleachers and taken it. Next:

Nice of Donald to admit he was giving our country away during his sit-down with Putin. 

The so-called leader of the free world finished up with some tweets from Sean Hannity—who has apparently taken a break from torturing the family of a murder victim—and a couple of tweets from Fox News. All in all, a full day’s work.