Trumpists triggered by the Declaration of Independence… because god-emperor Trump



‘Calling for a revolution!’: Trump fans ‘triggered’ after NPR tweets out the Declaration of Independence

— Raw Story (@RawStory) July 5, 2017


The responses to @NPR tweeting the Declaration of Independence are sort of hilarious and sad all at once 👀💯💙❤️💙❤️

— Savannah Grimm (@savvygrimm) July 5, 2017


Powerful ad features multi-ethnic descendents of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

— Robert Wilks (@rojawi) July 3, 2017


LISTEN: A July 4th Tradition: The Declaration Of Independence, Read Aloud

— NPR (@NPR) July 4, 2017



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As FiveThirtyEight chronicles in a new profile of the group, r/The_Donald calls President Trump its “God Emperor,” “daddy,” and, naturally, “Big Daddy God Emperor.”…

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